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My Approach

When starting work with a new client, I want to get a sense of where you are as a business and understand who you are and what you do. This informs my approach of how best to meet your needs.

After our first conversation, I aim for all parties to have a shared understanding of the needs and requirements. From this, I will produce a tailored proposal that provides transparency and clarity on the way forward.

Should you choose to proceed, it is important to fully analyse the key issue or issues that you need support with. For example, is there a solution you may not have already considered? Good communication is fundamental to this process and it builds the trust that is required for our relationship to be successful.

I will always send a summary of our conversations via email so that expectations are aligned and the first steps are taken on delivering the best outcome for all involved.

The way I work is to consider the people before the process. Policies and procedures can tell you what you must do but I do not want to lose sight of the individual in the process.

Finally, I would hope for an ongoing relationship, whether on a retainer basis or one-off issues, to grow and develop with time. I would ask for regular reviews and feedback so that I can provide the best service to you and can adapt as your business grows.

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