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Employee Relations

  • Do you have employees in the same business area who will not talk to each other?
  • Have you had an instance of serious misconduct?
  • Do you have an employee that, despite your best efforts, is still not performing?
  • Has someone put in a formal complaint about a colleague’s behaviour?

If you have said yes to any of these, or something similar, what would it feel like if the problem you are struggling with is suddenly absent from your life?

That is one of the first things I try to find out, then I work on the steps to making that happen. I will take the pressure off those potentially costly and time-consuming issues in a compliant and appropriate manner.

Aligning the values of your organisation with the experience of your employees is at the core of Employee Relations. It is about creating and delivering people practices which develop and maintain a positive working relationship between a business and its people.

By putting people before process, I aim to understand the root cause of the presenting problem and by having sometimes difficult and challenging conversations to move forward. I will work alongside you at every step of the process.

In most cases, a company’s biggest asset is their people and the biggest expense is their salaries. However, people are complex and the relational problems that arise as a result often cause the biggest worry.

I can be on hand to help solve the people issues that keep you awake at night freeing you up from the distractions that keep you from running your business. I can have those difficult conversations while maintaining complete impartiality benefitting you as you can reap the rewards of a happier workforce. For HR directors, using an independent consultant avoids any conflict of interest and I can provide a cost-effective, tailored offering with no ties.

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