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Targeted HR Engagement

  • Do you have to make some roles redundant soon?
  • Are you unsure how to establish a competency framework that is fit for your future needs?
  • Do you ask yourself "how happy are my employees?"?
  • Have you thought about setting up an in-house mentoring scheme?
  • Would you consider setting up a talent management programme?

If you have said yes to any of these, or something similar, what would it feel like if the vision you have is made real, how would behaviour change?

I will aim to establish why your answer is "yes". What is the future goal of your business? How will you know if a given course of action has been successful?

For a Targeted HR Engagement I would put together a detailed proposal so that you are clear as to how I will achieve the outcome you are looking for including with whom I would need to work alongside and how long it would take. There will also be a follow-up call 3 months after completion to discuss how changes are taking effect and to answer any questions.

I offer a tailored solution to any of your HR needs and can bring in an independent and impartial viewpoint combined with an understanding of your vision and values.

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