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Flexible HR Support

  • My business is small therefore I don’t need an HR function
  • I don’t have time to fully focus on my recruitment needs
  • I have no idea whether I have all the correct policies in place
  • I need an Employee Handbook
  • It would be helpful if my employees had someone to reach out to for HR matters
  • My business needs a part-time flexible ongoing HR function

If you have said yes to any of these, or something similar, what would it feel like if the problem you are struggling with is suddenly absent from your life?

I can provide cost-effective general HR support on a basis to best suit your business needs. I can bring my "toolkit" of experience to achieve the outcome you are looking for having taken the time to really understand your business.

A good set of employment documentation can provide the backbone to a set of expectations in the employer/employee relationship. I can support you to ensure that this is in place and fits culturally as well as being compliant.

By engaging with my Flexible HR Outsourcing service, you will be letting a professional deal with the day-to-day HR issues so you can get on with what you do best. This is particularly relevant for those of you who feel you are spending a disproportionate amount of time on HR and it’s taking your focus away from what you really need to be doing: driving your business forward. I will deal with the day-to-day HR from a human-centric perspective ensuring any HR problems are resolved quickly so that productivity can be maximised. A cost-effective, tailored offering with no ties.

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